Underground -

Not in hiding, but of visual absence from the culture. Not of secrecy from prying eyes, but of obfuscation from the mainstream. Not of trendiness or fad, but modernity, purity and depth. We are not beneath the workings of society laying in wait for the time to strike, but are more as seeds that are growing. Our life underground was simply a necessary stage, a womb of sorts that allowed us to better understand who we were. The dawn of the new day beats down upon the soil as we are emerging, and finding that the the flow of information in the waters and in the air give us new life. The individual finds that he or she is not the only seed that was planted, there are many, we are a rich crop. We shall thrive. The underground was where we found our roots, but our existence is now everywhere.

Terrorist -

The act of using fear to persuade an opponent. Many things can cause fear: the truth can be frightening, free will can be frightening, many will even agree that riding a motorcycle is frightening. This does not require the terrorist to commit violent acts, not does it require a terrorist to be evil, ot the opponent to be evil. Is the UTMC going to lead a great political movement that will change society? Probably not. Does it do us any harm to study those who have done so?

The Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, as were Martin Luther King's marches in the south. Mahatma Gandhi was accused of being a terrorist by Winston Churchill, and Churchill was called a terrorist by hitler. Recent events have changed the word terrorist from a subjective concept to one that forms images and meanings, completely ignoring it's definition. Our modern society would lead us to believe that anyone claiming to be a terrorist, for any reason, is a person to be be feared. The American Government's "war on terror", that in itself is paradoxical, a far cry from this excerpt of FDR's inaugural address:

"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself–nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." (you can find the full address here)

The western world has lost perspective on the word terrorist, the concept of fear and the idea of security. We are being taught not to learn words as the neutral tools of communication, but as specific ideas that have been pre-determined by commitie, to be feared. George Orwell told us a story where the government taught it's people to fear words. We should not lose sight of this prophet's teachings, for he was not just a writer; but a motorcyclist. DoublePlusGood.

Motorcycle -

The motorcycle is not just a machine, but a mind-frame, a Zen. The idea that one cannot simply point in a direction and expect to arrive. Action requires not just thought but also perseverance and constant focus. To not understand this leads to folly and disaster. We see examples of this in overwhelming occurrence in the world around us. The two wheeled motorized machine that we all swear allegiance to. Our hearts, our souls, and quite literally our blood. Wether it be the largest of utility touring machine or the smallest of fanciful play. A speed thrill or something devoted to pure artistic endeavor. Also the scooter, the moped, the trike and all other variations of the motorcycle. Lest we not forget that that even the bicycle be included in this description. For although it be smaller, it is our ancestor and it’s motor is the most fundamental of all things. Do all riders not revel in the same purity? Or bleed the same when thrashed violently by the road? The many “bikers” that came before us did not understand this, divided they stand, in anonymity they fall.

Cult -

From the Latin cultus: care, colere: to cultivate. To take that which is potentially strong, powerful and beneficial to life; and give it strength, sanctuary and the means to grow. A cult does not need be the throngs of mindless followers of insane ideas through unspoken ritual. In our case, it is quite the opposite. A group dynamic occurring through the discussion of many thoughts and ideas in a purely public forum. It is a constantly changing and forever evolving circle where the philosophy is forever being refined and re-defined. The UTMC has no president, no officers, no territory, no goods of commerce for which it’s vitality depends. Unlike the motorcycle organizations of the past and present, the UTMC exists only in the hearts, minds and souls of the people who are part of it.