The black letter of the new breed

Fighting the Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio Slavery Big Brother Conspiracy at all costs

The Underground Terrorist Motorcycle Cult is a worldwide disOrganization devoted to the cultivation of a new motorcycle culture, free of the bullshit and dogma associated with what is commonly known as "the biker lifestyle".

Not limited to motorcycles, also the scooter, the moped, the trike and all other variations of the motorcycle. We should not forget that that even the bicycle be included. Although it be smaller, it is our ancestor and it’s motor is the most fundamental of all things.

We do not commit acts of violence, terrorism is a method of using fear to accomplish goals. The truth can be frightening, turning off the television can be frightening, some would even say that riding a motorcycle scares them. Governments are constantly trying to put fear into us, as is the media, and everything else. The terrorism that the UTMC offers has to do with the removal of the barriers of class, race, religion, sexual orientation, philisophical belief and geography. Unlike most motorcycle groups we don't use the details of the individual or what they ride as a factor. This diversity all in itself is something that invokes fear into many people. For some, diverse coexistence, open uncensored discussion and the revelations that can bring is the worst terrorsim possible.

You can find the mission statement of the UTMC below, or go directly to our realm by following the "Enter The UTMC" link to the left.

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The Mission Statement of The Underground Terrorist Motorcycle Cult



Old School


Motorcycling subculture has portrayed many things in the past. The predominant stereotypes representing the outcast and outlaw, no pity for those living above ground. A paradigm of anger, racism, criminal action and mindless following. Where the motorcycle is simply an icon for those who wish not to be looked upon or take responsibility for ignorance and paranoia.

• Orphans of Our Own Culture •

It takes only a small amount of research into our past to find out that the modern day archetype of the biker is one that was shaped more by Hollywood, the Associated Press, law enforcement agencies, fashion designers and the wild rumor mills of so called "proper citizens". The motorcyclists who returned from WW2 didn't want to be "bikers", they wanted to find a place in the world they had saved, a world that had changed them forever. The motorcycle gangs of the 60's didn't want to be "bikers", they wanted to be left alone. The cafe racers didn't want to be "bikers", they wanted to go fast, get a thrill, enjoy life. If you read the books about these groups and the times they existed in you'll find something very different than the myths you've been told. The Man, mass media and mass marketing had it's own plan for what they wanted the "biker" to be, they wanted to make money. The "biker" was a cash cow, no matter what they had to do to it. It's unlikely that T.E. Lawrence ever made you think about buying a motorcycle, but did Fonzie?

• Sacrificed to the Highest Bidder •

Where has this left us? The bike rallies and rides are comprised of social elements who have no respect or understanding for those who do not live a particular lifestyle. Almost a prejudice toward those who ride what they like, and not what the masses would prefer. The motorcycle events are not an accurate portrayal of the main culture, but more like a traveling circus with the same sideshow freaks on display everywhere. This subculture has lured the powers of the media and the unfulfilled upper class,tainting itself. The ways of this "Biker" culture are out of date and worn. Industry and society can box up and sell a biker image....for the right price. For the soulless, this is the escape to a new domain where they will no longer feel settled. But this shall wear away, like all of the pre wrapped destinies for sale, and give way to a tired, charred culture. All of that which made it real, sold to the highest bidders and leaving a living corpse of what once was.

• The New Breed •

The new breeds; the punk rockers, goths, the ska, hackers, rockers, ravers, skaters, street rats and others are growing up, there are those who in the middle of life have found a passion for two wheels. There are also many who have ridden among the "common biker" for years, neither accepting nor understanding why the culture reflected something they wished to be no part of. We have a different set of beliefs and values, different goals and dreams. We are of many different political views, different sexual orientations, diverse religious beliefs, varying ages, we are from all walks of life. We ride without prejudice, without ignorance, we will not be accepted by the old school of the biker culture, whether we wish to be a part of it or not.

Enter the UTMC, dozens of motorcycle groups, businesses, affiliated organizations and thousands individuals spread across the world united for the new subculture of the motorcyclist. A subculture not based on what once was, but for those who live and breathe now, for those who ride now, The New Breed.

• With Fire and Sword •

The old biker community sometimes refuses to accept that which they can't bully or silence by force. They forget that there was a time not long ago that they were the ones fighting such odds, and only by the example of one club did they find methods of survival. Where the Motorcycle clubs of old prefer to stay in the shadows and fend off the normal world, the UTMC lives in the normal world. A movement of motorcycle clubs and individuals which choose a different path. We work and live here, we ride here, on the very streets you ride upon. We go to the same grocery stores and movie theaters, we are among you. A conspiracy of motorcyclists wishing to forge their own dreams and paths, to accept others to a community that does not follow the old ways. The UTMC is not a menacing criminal organization that uses fear as a tool for proliferation, but people with the desire to live and ride without the dogma of the old school culture. To break free from the myths and expectations of that which we do not belong to.

• All Roads Lead To Sol •

The UTMC grows on a daily basis as more riders across the world find that they are not the only individuals who see a different culture. There are no annual fees, no mandatory meetings, no presidents. We do not insist that our members spill blood for the cause, or make sacrfices for some shadowy agenda shrouded as a "greater good". The UTMC is a movement of people, united for the cause of finding like minded motorcyclists and to make a world we want to ride in. Upon these pages are the words of the Brothahs and Sistahs of the UTMC, information about what we are doing, where we are and how you can become a part of all of this. There is no fee or initiation to be a part of the UTMC, only the want to find more people like yourself. If you read the words upon these pages and find them representative of who you are, then you are a member of the UTMC.

Keep it fast and flat black, we'll see you on the road.

"People are more violently opposed to fur than
leather because it's safer to harass rich women
than motorcycle gangs."
- Unknown

"The Welsh Assembly Agriculture Sectretary was today stopped by police while
driving a lorry load of sheep and was found to have no trousers on.
He CLAIMS to have fallen in manure and had to remove them......."
- found on

"When I am a master of motorcycle ninjistu, I will be as the housefly. The actions of the earthly world will unfold with liquid slowness becasue they are seen a thousand times faster than I had seen them. I will react and streak away from a car as a fly flees the clumsy hand- with impunity and grace."

--Rev-D 893

For sale:
"White Honda NSR 125 only 4000 miles on the clock,1992 m odel full fairing
90 mpg, doesnt sound too much like a hairdryer "
- found somewhere on usenet

"There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get t he same soaking. This understanding extends to all things."

- Hagakure (the Way of the Samurai)

"I know you'll ride responsibly, you always do. It is the bastards out there
that will get us if we aren't careful."

- my Mum

It's ironic to think of how often I've heard lectures about "thinking outside the box," delivered by people whose whole lives are a box. They live in a box,
work in a box, and have a box with wheels that shuttles them between the other two boxes. They've always got something more important on their minds
than where they are and what they are doing. There's always somewhere more important to be than here, but when they get there, they will be just as
unsatisfied with that because then it will be the new "here."

-----Revrend J. Juniman


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